Poetry Breakfast Comes to a Close

I regret to say that Poetry Breakfast is now officially closed.  I’m no longer accepting or posting poetry submissions.

It’s been a wonderful year but I’m just not up for the challenge of being the editor anymore.  I’ve enjoyed reading all of the submissions and am now looking forward to finally having the chance to send out my own submissions to other poetry journals.

Poetry Breakfast is a wordpress blog.  If you are well versed in using wordpress and would like to take over Poetry Breakfast, feel free to email me at poetrybreakfast@yahoo.com.  I believe wordpress will let me turn over the administration of the blog to another wordpress user.  Our loyal readers and blog followers would certainly love it if someone could keep Poetry Breakfast alive.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their work and to all those who have welcomed the many poets we published this past year.

For those who have poetry submissions pending, you’ll be hearing from me in the next day or two.  I haven’t read any submissions since at least a week before Hurricane Sandy came through here, so there is quite a backlog of submissions.  Obviously, your poems will not be accepted for publication here since we are now closed.  That certainly doesn’t mean your work was rejected.  Hopefully, everyone will find a place to publish their work in one of the many, many other poetry journals out there.

Thank you again for all the poetry submissions and for reading the poems of the many wonderful poets we’ve had the opportunity to publish here.

Sincerely, Isabel Sylvan, Editor

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6 thoughts on “Poetry Breakfast Comes to a Close

  1. This is too bad. If you are looking for editors to pick up the reigns, I’m volunteering for the challenge and I’m sure there are others who would want to pitch in.

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